Kombucha Kids


When I (Franchesca) first began researching kombucha, I was pleased to discover that it was great for adults and for kids, too! Being a sometimes overly super duper health-conscious mama, I was determined to find out what this drink could do for my kids and what was safe for them. Here are the top three reasons I added kombucha to my children’s diet.

Kombucha Improves Gut Health                                                                      

“Naturally fermented probiotics in the Kombucha promote the growth of beneficial micro-organisms and aid in maintaining healthy gut flora of children. The fermented tea contains about 20 strains of yeast which are beneficial for the gut. The consumption of kombucha preserves nutrients, breaks them down into easily digestible elements, and improves absorption of minerals, such as iron, magnesium, copper, phosphorous, calcium, and zinc. These minerals help in boosting digestion.”1 This was huge for me! My children are healthy eaters about 90% of the time. The 10% usually hits around holidays and birthday parties. My kids turn into Augustus Gloops as soon as they see the colorful dessert tables. Kombucha gives me a weapon against that sugar consumption and all the complications that arise from it. Kombucha and lots of water have helped my children stay regular.

Kombucha Improves Mood  

        This screams at me “KOMBUCHA=HAPPY KIDS!” Kombucha contains lots of B       vitamins! Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12 all aid in stabilizing your child’s mood, improving mentally clarity, and defending against anxiety problems. I am eternally striving for simplicity and balance. The role kombucha plays in balancing my family is always welcome in my home. 

Kombucha Detoxifies 

I used to cringe at the word “detox” thinking it was some sort of awful diet strategy. After discovering that detoxing is basically cleansing the blood and body of toxins. (Detox = getting all the bad out.) I was eager to have some detox weapons in my arsenal! Kombucha was a perfect fit. Kombucha is loaded with enzymes and bacterial acids that reduce the load on the pancreas and liver. Glucuronic acid in Kombucha helps by binding to toxins in the body and dumping them out smoothly through intestines and kidneys. I try and limit the amount of toxins my children come in contact with, but when they are coming from all angles a parent can get overwhelmed! Kombucha is my little, golden, bubbly army. All of the vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, phenols and so many more wonderful components in kombucha are keeping my children healthy and strong.

Now feel free to introduce your children to the taste and feel of the wonderful world of kombucha. I started my children on a low dose of about 4 ounces and worked up from there. Now my children are kombucha kids! They want it like most kids want candy or soda. That makes me one happy mama!

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