Wild Woman

Kombucha Company

Strivin’ to live that best life…

Let us fill you up. Our home brewedartisanal kombucha is crafted in small batches, locally in New Mexico (the best of the fifty nifty United States), … because living that best life is important to us.

Barriga sana,Corazón contento 
(Healthy belly, Happy heart)

Did you know, kombucha can strengthen and balance your system? Kombucha helps with nutrient absorption, vitamin synthesis, breaking down proteins, alkalizing pH, restoring homeostasis, boosting immunity, and producing immunoglobulins. 

Mornin dump? to afternoon slump??‍♀️

Kombucha is an adaptogen, meaning it finds and targets areas of your body that are need of correction. Whether you need to go more regularly or clog that sh*t up, the probiotics found in kombucha are a natural remedy to all your digestive needs.

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